Friday, September 2, 2016

"Can I come in?" introduction

Mobility of youth workers: seminar
Organized by: Seiklejate Vennaskond – ESTONIA
Funded by European Union Erasmus+ programme (key action 1 )
Project dates: 1. – 11. September 2016

Key action 1 – mobility of youth workers (seminar) will bring together 37 youth workers  form 1st
September to 11th September 2016 to Rakvere, Estonia. Participating countries are Estonia, UK, Spain, Italy, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Germany, Portugal and Turkey. Estonia is the host country, others are sending countries.

Overall aim is:
 To create acceptance of refugees in European society
And the specific objectives are:
 To educate youth workers and policy makers on migration issues
 To develop activities to bring locals and people with immigrant background (including refugees) together
 To educate youth workers so they are able to create activities for young people to raise empathy towards
 To find ways to stop hate speech and discrimination towards refugees by sharing good practices between
participating countries
 To create new initiatives to tackle issues connected to xenophobia, racism and islamophobia in Europe.

First night everyone arrived and we had dinner together. Later we played some name games and got to know each other.

Welcome to Estonia! :)

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