Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 2 "A long journey always begins with a short one"

"A long journey always begins with a short one."

We started the day very emotionally. The warm up activity involved million hugs

Our morning was spent in the city of Rakvere, where we had a chance to explore the area and meet locals. Some of us had a chance to meet a small group of refugeees and had first hand experience to talk about their stay in Estonia. Each group had a fun- filled moments: from bike racing with kids, approached by a banana cop to recognizing the strange anatmoical form of a famous bull.                              

After a „revolutionary(!!!)“ warm up we had a non-formal discussion about the characteristics of not non-formal and non-formal learning, about meta-concepts like structure, plan and process.

Trough consequent brain-storming we delved into the migration and refugee topic. In small groups we tried to find definitions for the brain-stormed words which gave us a fist chance to discuss the benefits and issues about migration. To revise our thoughts we watched a movie about mass movements.

To end our lovely day together some of us went out for a drink or clubbing and had another chance to mingle with the locals ;)

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