Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 3 - Erasmus+ & world cafe

Our day started with the outdoor warm up activities. Thanks to that we got more energized and also had a lot of fun. Then we were asked to line in one long row from the least experienced (the first time being in a project) to the expert ones (with countless times). Counting from 1 to 5, we were divided into 5 groups with 5 experts to discuss and get to know more about Erasmus+. Then came the quiz where these 5 groups competed with each other. The questions were about the Erasmus+ programs, some of them were quite difficult even for the experts. Thanks to that quiz game, our knowledge about Erasmus+ and what we are doing was strongly broadened. In the end we found one winner whose prize was to line first in the lunch queue.

We continued our program with a 8 key competences game needed in Erasmus+. We are again divided by random counting into 8 groups with 8 compatible spot with the so-called name "Islands" in order to solve the problem sets designated by the amazing "sharks". There was a certain amount of time during which we had to finish the tasks on the spot before the sharks came to attack/bite/poke/hit/kick or whatever they do to us. One of the tasks was to come up with a poem about Erasmus+, here is the poem provided by one group full of young artistic talents:

We learn and laugh
Sometimes we cough
Without the sleep it can be tough
But after all it's all a win
When we can ask "Can I Come In?"

After that we had a chance to watch a cartoon-like video about how Erasmus+ can contribute to our life journey, which not only made a huge impact on each of us personally but also on the community surrounding us. Learn at school is not enough, outside classrooms with 4 walls we still have a great lot of experience to learn.

After the yummy, extremely delicious lunch (as always:D), we had a opportunity to experience the world café program in probably the best coffee shop in Estonia. It was far beyond our expectations. The staff (Ufuk, Heleri, Liis, Rauno, Kristi) was super cool, really nice, extremely fast and incredibly funny. Not only did we have a deep and thorough discussion in 4 different groups regarding refugees' issues with 4 captains (Merika, Onur, Leo and Laura), but we also had a chance to listen to the first refugee-relating stories voiced by many participants. The discussion was about the challenges and obstacles both the refugees and the host country have to face so as to find out the possible solutions to the current issues. After that followed the discussion and presentation regarding the 4 topics.

The second intercultural night was room for 3 groups to present the best of their country to all the participants. They were Portugal, Greece and the Czech Republic. It was really interesting and we had a great time together enjoying to national specialties, including food and drinks :)

The social committee then organized some fun and social games for everybody to end the long but meaningful day.

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