Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day 5 – Can I come in?

This beautiful day started with a buddy learning activity focused on some specific topics. Some of us took advantage of the sun :)

Then we started a game where we had to take a position (for, against or in the middle) about some big questions regarding refugees. A lot of different ideas and points of view came out and it was really interesting because everyone had their own perspectives and opinions (neither right nor wrong!) so it was a thought provoking debate!

Then we watched a film called ‘The Good Lie’. It told the stories of some Sudanese boys who arrived in the US following years and years of living in a refugee camp in Kenya following the Sudanese conflict. It was a very moving film showing the horrors of war, the difficulties of getting to a place of safety, and the issues people encounter arriving in a new country for refuge.

Finally we started a role play where the refugees had to cross the borders to escape from the war and to reach a better place to stay and live. Some of us played refugees, others were the border control, and some were observers. After this activity we talked a lot about what we felt about being our characters and discussed the complex issues that came up through this exercise.

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