Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 6 - What a great day!

Once more we started the day with our reflection buddies and went over the previous day elaborating on things we learned, what made us think, laugh and even cry.

After having dealt with the topic "refugees" and how we can manage to build a bridge between people already living in one country and people who just arrived, it was really inspiring to listen to Ingi Mihkelsoo, from Eest Pagulasabi, which is the Estonian Refugee Council. 
We were informed that the organization supports refugees with advocacy issues, support them in getting a job and accommodation and also help them to learn the Estonian language and become a part of the Estonian society. Another rather surprising fact that we learned was that most of the refugees Estonia provides protection to are from Ukraine, Russia, Sudan and Afghanistan. It was enlightening to hear her talking about her daily work, the obstacles she has to overcome and how the Estonian society deals with the situation. In case you want to get more information, here are her contact-details:

Ingi Mihkelsoo 

After lunch we went to the amazing national park called Lahemaa and to the beach. Lahemaa is the oldest national park in Estonia and covers an area of 72,500 ha. It represents the nature and cultural heritage typical of North Estonia.It was so nice to see the grand environment Estonia is blessed with and to walk through the swamps and connect not only with the nature but also with ourselves.

In the evening a group of participants prepared a magical "game" for every one. We had the pleasure to go on a journey where we were confronted with our deepest fears, believes and dreams. We learned how important it is to trust each other and ourselves and believe in our dreams, no matter how "crazy" they might seem.

When you want to see how amazing our day was, check out this video!

Thank you for reading our blog. 

Ramon, Valeria & Stephanie

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