Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 7 - Sharing (of knowledge) is caring!

   The 8th day of the project unfolded really good and it was the first day that we had to work for the school workshops so it was more demanding than the previous ones and definitely more intense. 
During the first part of the day we had the opportunity to learn something new from other group members and they had the chance to share with us some skills and useful knowledge they have. So, the previous day each one of us had to write down one skill they thought they could share with the rest and after a group voting in our Facebook group we decided which activities we were the most willing to attend. The activities that were chosen were six and we had the chance to attend four of them. In short, the activities were as following: Cristina had a meditation session, Heleri talked about Erasmus+ and EVS in Nepal, Onur shared with us his knowledge on Erasmus+ and fundraising, Kerem discussed about Islamophobia and prejudices about Islam religion, Francesco shared his knowledge on body work and trust exercises using theatre methods and Vitor talked about European project opportunities.

We had to opportunity to attend Onur’s workshop where we gained some useful insight on Erasmus+ opportunities and how to organise a fundraising activity. Francesco’s session was really engaging and it introduced some useful exercises on how to trust and respect our partners and ourselves, how to communicate using our body as a vessel and how to use our senses to the fullest and be concentrated on what we do at a specific moment. Cristina’s session was the most relaxed one, we learnt how to control our breath and how to deeply chill. Vitor offered useful information on how to find the project that best fits our needs and expectations. Kerem talked about the basic beliefs of islam and how people can distort them for they personal advantage and actually we realised that the real Islam belief is really different from the one that is presented in the news and media. Finally, Heleri talked about EVS all over the world and her personal experience in Nepal and Erasmus+ opportunities in general.
The second part of our daily program was devoted to our planning for our workshops at schools. Each team sat down and came up with ideas and activities they could use in their workshops with the students.
After that, each team presented its idea in the final session and after a long and tiring day we finally went to bed, getting ready for the next day.

Michal, Sofia and Veli.

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