Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 8 - workshops @ schools

Today, we woke up early because we needed to go to two different schools in Rakvere to perform our workshops to the students. We were divided into 9 groups and each groups had 3-4 facilitators. In these workshops that took 90 minutes we have incorporated the non-formal methods and used information that we have learned during the course. First group of facilitators started at 10 o’clock and the other one at 11.20. All the workshops were different and we focused on different topics and did different activities. All the groups started with energizers which sometimes were successful and sometimes not. Then we provided the students with some information about Erasmus+ and its advantages. After that we carried out our prepared activities. After lunch we enjoyed our free time in different ways. Some people were really tired so they went to sleep and some other people went to spa.
In the evening we gathered in the main room and we were evaluating our workshops. Each grup talked about their experience, student’s attitude and obstacles they had to face and overcome. Some groups were really satisfied with their workshops while others realize it could be better and we talked about possible improvement. Kubra, Cristina and Lukas

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