Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 9 - Taking action and wrapping up

It's the last night of the project.

Today was a day for brainstorming and making plans for the future based on everything we have learned in the past nine days. The morning session started with each of the national teams coming together and preparing an action for a workshop in their home countries. And of course, then each team presented what they had come up with. And... did a catwalk.

In the afternoon we continued with the plans, but now on the international level. Each participant could choose a topic about which they would like to develop a project, and then the brainstorming started again.

Having taken a look towards the bright and hopeful future, it was then time to look back at the whole project and evaluate what we have learned and gained from the project. So before dinner we had some discussion questions and after that gave feedback to the organizers as well.

It's the last night of the project. People are getting ready to say farewell. Some are tired, some are excited for the last and huge party. Hopefully everyone will part on good terms and has gained a good experience.

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